I’m sorry that I left you, I really am

I’m the one with the kisses and hugges when you’re feeling down

I’m the one that kept you warm when she let you down

I’m the one that made you let your guards down

But I ended up hurting you now


I know, yes, everyone said

That you’re no good for me and I should have left

But how can I be so selfish

When I’m the one that kept you believing


Broke down the walls and now I’m building it

Making you promises and now I know I don’t deserve it

I don’t deserve you

You, who stayed by my side

And believed in me everytime I’m losing it


It’s been months since I’m gone

I don’t know how you’re doing but I hope you’re fine

I’ve been asking so many questions

So many voices but yours are gone


I know I shoudn’t be thinking but I can’t stop reminiscing

You’re so perfect and I shouldn’t have missed it

All the times that we’re spent together

Until now we’re a story yet to be uncovered

Nobody sees, nobody knows


I’d never thought I’d say this but

Leaving you was the right choice

We’ll be hurting more if we kept holding on

They don’t understand, they never will


Our love is forbidden that makes it a sin

Drenched in guilt, I’m a sinner

A prisoner in my own locker.

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