Beautiful Roses

I can’t tell if the time’s going too fast or am I too slow,

Why am I standing and watching how people come and go?

I can’t tell why I still have my hopes up for this world,

For I have always thought the world is cruel.


Beautiful roses, they have hidden thorns,

Stronger than me, the tears that streamed till dawn.

Everytime I climb, the path seems to keep going on.

There are things we can’t bring along,

So why can’t we just move on?


Snow White was poisoned, and Cinderella was just a peasent.

In fairytales a kiss would be the comfort, but the reality kept my heart frozen.

We were forced into an immutable system, called education.

Devaluing knowledge, grades are the only persuasion.


Mom and Dad, our only recognised authority,

With their perspectives, that’s our lenses through the society,

Prejudice and cliche, we keep questioning on equality,

But in this governance, we’re always the minority.


I know a few people, criticising in our own words,

In our generation, we strive for revolution’s rebirth.

We’re breaking down the walls, adopting the diverse,


Overtaking the conservatives, we are the liberals.



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