I hope he comes to me like the tide Relentless yet polished with his touch I hope I go to him like the wind Raw yet tranquil upon him I hope in the turbulence of our nature We stop, for a fleeting glimpse of the sunset Our love is a hurricane The ephemeral entwining of […]

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The Lilac Door

The lilac shed door left ajar I took a step in into the world of Narnia In a black quilted jacket and a scarf around your neck under the snow-white tree you stand A slight shiver as the wind follows I realised, the cold wasn’t for you My feet sank too deep taking every step […]

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Shadows of the Sun

Yellow stained pillows Blood stained sheets A silence cry of grief Another scar of relief; Shadows on the streets Casted by the fading existence Slowly dissolving into oblivion; Yet the silhoeutte remnants Longing for a utopia, an idyll Refuge for a tormented heart Benevolence for a wretched soul; A symphony of the billows and thunderstorm […]

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The Dept of the People

When a flower blooms She bears the weight of her evanescent beauty All for the idle pleasure of her swain But a tree arises With all his fortitude and resiliency How can you weigh the burden on his bough? For whom do you think, owes it to his battles?   rvinforest

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The Silence That Creaks At Night

She’s quiet Because you can’t hear her screams inside A thunderstorm that never rests Growls even louder every night She’s kind Because you can’t see her slowly being consumed By her inner demons at night So she puts on a mask To hide the evil inside She laughs a lot So that she won’t choke […]

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The locks of the dungeon of which secrets are the keys It’s not something to treasure hunt for As they’re asking for a trade A trade of which the darkness Is exchanged for something darker They don’t tell you whats beyond the cage So try to listen to the whispers That travels along the wall […]

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Every time my tears glide down my cheeks From its warmth I felt a sudden chill As if millions of water molecules are molesting my skin Slowly swallowing me, slowly drowning me; So I took a leap, a leap of a forlorn soul Who lost its thread while sowing its perfect life Sinking down with […]

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The one who walks out of the storm unaffected is not the winner but the one who had stumbled along is they are the ones who changed who are strong enough to leave it behind who realised the hurricane was just them; it’s not the hurricane itself but the sand among the storm the little […]

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like the setting sun that leaves a bit of its trace on the edge of a shaking tree I’m sitting here looking outside the window how beautiful, how sad it is like the water line that is left on my face where the tears had dropped even though i tried to rub it off the […]

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A reason

I hope I had a reason, A reason to hate, a reason to love, To forget, the love that I had. Not because it was sad, but because it was over; I hope I had a reason, A reason to ask, a reason to yearn, To remember, the ones that left. Not because they’re gone, […]

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