My friend

I see you in my shadows A silhouette slender Than the snowflakes in winter Don’t fight the darkness for me I know you’re afeared But the darkness was me My friend   I remember the promise Buried deep down Beneath the zinnia flower in spring As the flowers bloom Shall then we meet I’m sorry My friend […]

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For how long have we forgotten to run in the swamps, Staining our feet with damp leaves and soil?   For how long have we forgotten the smell of Earth after the rain, The crickets in the woods?   For how long have we let go of the privilege nature provided, And dived into the […]

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Fairy Dust

The smell of my old sheets reminds me of you Of the countless 3a.m. talks Of every tear of joy or sadness They reminded me of the memories that I’ve locked up A part of me that was softer, weaker A part of me that wasn’t empty   I see my old regrets, I see the words […]

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Are we better now?

Now that the grieve is gone And we’re back to where we were before Is it better now Are we better now   As the time goes ticking Each part of me fades away I’m invincible now I’m all gone now   All the pictures that we took In the box under the bed We […]

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The Lost Soul

I have more people around who don’t care about me Than people who truly love me I let my tears flow like the river And every time I speak my voice quivers   I’m a quiet person in this loud world Where is my shelter? my shield from the arrows I’m all alone in this mountain […]

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Drenched in our tears we pray, For the purity of mankind that no longer breathes. Blindfolded for centuries we grieve, For the decease of men’s morality and mercy. With our fists and teeth clenched we fight, Against every injustice and greed. And through the sufferings we seek, For the happiness and goodness we whilom perceive. […]

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Dear God

Dear God can you hear my cries? For I see fires burning in the hearts of the people But yet caged in a prison deeply enclosed For I hear whispers travel as the wind blew They’re the sorrows from someone I’ve never knew Dear God can you hear my cries? For I know every action […]

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The sound of the rain is a sorrowful music played, And the rain drops are the tears of the dead. It washes away the pain, And leaves a message for the living. Under the umbrella I could hear them singing, “Living is a suffering,but consider it as a blessing.” rvinforest

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I’m sorry that I left you, I really am I’m the one with the kisses and hugges when you’re feeling down I’m the one that kept you warm when she let you down I’m the one that made you let your guards down But I ended up hurting you now   I know, yes, everyone […]

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